Jana's Recycling Journey through West Berkshire


     ‘Welcome to the new edition of this Guest Blog. I am a full-time working mum of 2 boys and a published novelist of ‘The Ninth Cross’ by my pen name J. Karst. I get involved in trying that little bit I can in saving the environment for the future generations.’

            What a year it has been! I am glad to see the back of it yet even with all the setbacks, our little womble community managed to remove 1.5 tonne of waste via TerraCycle programs alone which raised £1652.53.  This is amazing considering the numerous lockdowns and self-isolations people had to go through.   To make this more interesting, the above figure is only from the TerraCycle recycling schemes and doesn’t include the waste metal nor the other charity funding like the boot-sales.  When I add them in the overall figure of 2021 was …(drumroll) £3244.73!!! How amazing is that? To add it all together since 2019 our community raised £9049.79. This is amazing considering that all that has been converted from rubbish or numerous unwanted items. I do say that we have done smashing job giving the donated items new homes. One item is stuck in my head as I wasn’t convinced of its saleability. To make it more popular I decided to wear the horse head mask to bring the punters in and it worked. A young man bought the mask to wear at the Newbury Races. This proves that someone else’s rubbish can be someone’s treasure even if it’s a plastic ‘horses head’.

The Jewellery appeal by the Alzheimer’s society might not be easy to say how much funds it raised but I am sure it raised enough for such valuable cause as we have sent in 9.95Kg in 2021.

To all the wombles out there – a huge thank you is a must as each one of them did that little they could to help to make the difference. If this won’t convince you that one person can make a difference, then I don’t know what else will…

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