Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

  In the last week article, I promised to tell you ‘why’ – why would someone in their busy life spend hours each day recycling and not expect anything in return. It all started with my rescue Beagle. Her painful howl and hobble were awful to watch when she cut her paw for the 3rd time on discarded litter.  After the Vet visit, I sat with her trying to calm down her anxiety shakes. I stroked her soft fur and my tears were dropping onto her shiny coat.

     I was cross! I cursed the youngsters that left the litter in the park and the council’s lack of engagement. I blamed government for being too soft. At that point a thought came racing through my mind – maybe I can do something. I went out armed with a plastic bag and litter picked the whole field. It felt good, not to mention that I as an individual I was making a difference.

     I finally took of the rose-tinted glasses off my face and saw the truth. The litter was everywhere – I was ‘litter blind’. Then onwards I litter picked each walk. Not to mention that most of the litter I pick up is recyclable under the TerraCycle programs.

What are those programs and how does it work? TerraCycle joins in partnership with large corporations who pay TerraCycle to manage their waste. The large corporation then pays for the recycling and TerraCycle turns it into funds for the charity. Let’s start with the ‘Walker’s Program. Walkers, a large crisp manufacturer, agreed to pay for one large shipment of crisp packets (any brand) from a collector such as myself. I collect a volume of any brand crisp packets into a box that weighs more than 8Kg and is not larger than 50x60x60 cm. It however must only be crisp packets not anything resembling the same material! I post maximum of 3 of boxes (one large shipment) a month so I can receive funds paid directly to the charity linked to my TerraCycle account.

     At the moment I have 2 main charities listed – Canine Partners (https://caninepartners.org.uk/) and Hedgehog Bottom (https://www.hedgehog-rescue.org.uk/). Both are non-government funding charities in much need to support. Though bear in mind that it must be a registered charity! You can’t get funds paid into ‘Gigolo for the Elderly charity’ or ‘Year supply of booze for Margaret charity’.  

     So that’s for now and watch out next time where slowly I will be introducing all the different TerraCycle programs I collect for.  

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