Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

As promised last time, the following articles we will be jumping into each program I collect waste for and explain in detail what can and cannot be taken.

Surprisingly the most weight I collect in recycling for all the programs I am listed for it is the crisp packet recycling that is the worst polluter.

    Yep that little one tiny light, shiny pack filled up with flavoured salty snack is the worst offender.

Only in 2019 when I began this recycling journey, I managed to collect 673.8kg of crisp packets alone! Yup that’s more than half a tonne.

Considering that all recycling together last year I collected well over 2022.4kg of waste, the crisp packet part is a huge chunk in weight and that’s not to mention that heavy items like used toothpaste and toothbrushes aren’t touching the tip of the crisp packet weight mountain!

     Only this year, considering the current situation with lockdown and having been shut for most of the year, the crisp packets volume is already at 400kg (up to today).

That is shocking so let’s keep sending these little snack polluters back to the manufacturer’s, so they have to pay for its recycling!

 So, the crisp packet programs I am on about are the Walker and KP program. Walker’s program accepts any brand of crisp packets but wont take nut, popcorn or pretzel packaging.

However, the KP program accepts all brand of crisp packets as well as popcorn, pretzel and nut packaging. So, it is this easy, if you do get any potato-based snack or popcorn, nuts or pretzel, as long as its plastic you drop it all off to me to sort into the walkers/KP box.

Please bear in mind that sadly as none of these manufacturers do make meat type snacks, though very similar packaging, they aren’t accepted and hence if dropped off would make my life harder in trying to pull them out and bin anyway. So, if its meaty don’t put them in.

 Overtime, you get used to what is taken and what’s not but if in doubt get in touch! I am sure that as we are only humans there are sometimes mishaps like the bag of crisp packets from an old folks’ home that had some 50s hair curlers, or the desperate mums drop off who was just puzzled for 3 days as she couldn’t find her sons football shorts.

  Yep, if anything is critical to mention it is the fact that you need to keep your laundry basket as far as possible from your recycling box, especially if you have children.

It happens more than you think that pants with Nutella highway are mixed within the crisp packets and when politely I make a shout out to the poor stressed mother who’s been going around in circles in the house, they always apologetically turn up with pink cheeks ‘I told him to put it in the washing basket’ they peep as I hand them the long lost crusty item.

 On this note, I end here and next time we shall talk of biscuits, crackers and cake wrapping and the wonders of human mind of what else could be a cake/cracker or biscuit wrapper……






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