Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

Hello again and welcome to the next TerraCycle recycling program information summary for the Pladis biscuit, cake and cracker wrapper.

Considering that we are in the land of tea drinkers, this waste stream isn’t as fruitful as the naughty crisp packets scheme.

For what this program is, it does generate large volumes of waste.

What is accepted under this program? The answer is any flexible plastic wrapper that’s from Biscuits, Cracker and a cake. Not the rigid plastic trays though as they aren’t accepted neither the biscuit tin boxes. Only this year, considering the current situation with lockdown we have already collected 61.8 KG of waste for this program.

Though this program is a little straight forward it is very important to mention to make sure that you eat all the left overs. Please ensure to shake out the crumbs at minimum as these moreish crumbs attract visitors. Though I do love animals, my animal loving spirit does fall short when a mouse falls out of the biscuit pack and hides in the garage throughout winter.

 It was last year that someone gave me a biscuit load with a free pet enclosed. This free pet became my mortal enemy and did the worst thing ever – it ate through my hammock. I have been looking for the pesky thing for 6 month and cleaned my garage 5 times over and still, I had not found its hiding place.  

Thankfully this spring the nicely fed pest left my garage (it was probably bored with my hammock) and no more could I find the little mouse tiny liquorish all sorts scattered around my garage (yes, I do mean the little mouse poop). To add insult to injury, finally I found where that little thing overwintered. In that one place I hadn’t looked – in my spare empty beehive in the garage. It was only in spring when I needed to use the second hive to split my current colony to stop swarming that I found the chewed-up leftovers of my hammock mixed with whatever plastic pack it found.

Five times I carried the thing out of my garage when cleaning the garage corner to corner and carried it back when unsuccessfully, I haven’t found the nest and cleaned garage corner to corner. Yes, the garage was cleaner than my teenager son’s bedroom.

The little mouse must have laughed their little furry buttocks at the pathetic human being searching abilities. Therefore, bear in mind that I do accept flexible packaging not free pets. Next is the beauty program and what everyone sees as what beauty product is……






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