Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

Here we are again. As mentioned last week, this time we will talk about the beauty program in the latest Jana’s Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

     What does the program include, you ask? Well it should be simple, any beauty packaging that you cannot recycle in your kerbside recycling, like cream tubes, soap pumps, roll on deodorant (plastic only), facial wipes, cream tubs, facial mask plastic packaging, shampoo bottle tops, tub tops ect.

     The key thing to remember is ‘Beauty’. Cream tubs are a yes just make sure its plastics only as those glass cream tubs aren’t accepted apart from their plastic lid. The roll-on deodorants are also all accepted as long as its all plastic, no need to take them apart! The cream squeezy tubes come in all sizes and no matter what they are if they are from cream, hair products or shaving cream, Just ensure to keep the lid on and drop them all.

     The main beauty problem I keep hitting with this program is the confusion over what ‘Beauty wipes’ I do and don’t accept. This happens too often when your designer bottom gets the care it deserves by buying the ever so polluting plastic bottom wipes, however, its not classed as ‘beauty’ in this program.

     So please, if it comes to wipes, your baby’s backside might be the most beautiful thing on this planet, I sadly disagree, especially when I get a whole load of baby wipes packaging with extra ‘add on’.

     I know that at the time you were using the wipes you had a major disaster. I know that when you checked the baby whilst driving you saw their face go blue which was soon followed by an explosion of bottom burps. I know that for the time you held your breath you could have earned a gold medal at the Olympics for diving and I know that your eyes watered as you parked the car. As an experienced mummy you jumped out of the car at a Gazelle speed and diving into the smog you peeled the child away from the car seat whilst trying not to add to the greenish sluggish content covering the seat and the baby.

     I know that with instinct you grabbed the trusty wipes and probably that moment used the whole pack in one go before passing out due to fumes exposure. Sadly, through all the locomotion you missed the bits in your hair and your sticky finger prints on the packaging. Though I appreciate the difficulties you face but please, put any bottom related packaging into them bin, don’t dropped these off. In TerraCycle terms – if you use it on your face – drop it off, if its used on the bum – bin it.

     I know in this century the beauty has moved on from the face to designer lady/man bits, however, when we talk about beauty wipes, we really don’t mean bottom wipes of any kind. If the sun doesn’t shine there, don’t drop it off. Next time we will be talking about the home cleaning product / dishwasher products recycling scheme…J. Karst (#jkarstauthor; #littleberkshirewomble)



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