Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

I remember that last time I had promised to talk about the Baby food recycling program. However, due to the current situation there has been increase requirement to recycle single use gloves. In the Spontex Glove TerraCycle program I can recycle any brand of disposable gloves made of latex, polyethylene, Vynil and nitrile.

     What isn’t accepted is any reusable gloves such as marigolds made from rubber. Neither I can take gloves which are unhygienic or were used in mixing chemicals. I do not want to be exposed to either bodily fluids or chemicals.

     Why I decided to talk of the single use gloves scheme? Its been noted by a care home for the elderly that boxes of single use gloves went missing. After investigation they noted that they always disappear on Thursdays and at the same time one of their residents, Karen, also is missing till the early hours of the morning.

     Finally, after some many months of investigation its been identified that Karen moonlighted as a ‘Prostate check-up’ nurse and visited homes of single males (no matter the age) to perform prostate check-ups.

     So please should anyone come to your door, flexes her glove covered fingers and says ‘Drop your boxers tiger’; do not assume it’s a nurse. I confirm on behalf of any NHS staff that they would not prompt their patients in such way.

    Now, I need to go of to do some more recycling. I did get a large bag full of single use gloves to recycle. I just hope they aren’t Karen’s….

.Karst (#jkarstauthor; #littleberkshirewomble)





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