Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

Today we will cover the Ella Baby Food recycling program. Just to make things clear, I do not take babies in for overnight care neither take your big babies (husbands) to look after. I also do not box up husbands to post to recycle.

     Now we have that covered, we can enter in explaining what is accepted. Well any brand of Baby Food plastic packaging including all the food sachet, wrappers, porridge plastic bags or yogurt pouches including their rigid plastic tops.

     Ensure that the pouch is empty and leave the top on when dropping off. It makes it easier for me to separate waste and stuff into the boxes for TerraCycle. This year only we have already sent in for recycling 62.8 Kg which is amazing considering that this would have ended up in landfill due to the difficulty of recycling such items.

     I already said that I got a pet mouse with recycling and the occasional spider or a louse. However, with Ella program I got a very useful pet which regularly helps the owner to shred the baby pouches to bits.  Surprisingly the helpful canine is only interested in shredding those meat based as the fruit and vegetable meals come untouched.

     So next time we shall talk about the Kinder recycling program. But before ending I have a fab announcement, yesterday we transferred £672.56 to Hedhehog Bottom and £672.56 to Canine Partners charities. Well done everyone and Thank you for supporting this worthy cause by providing your waste.

J. Karst (#jkarstauthor; #littleberkshirewomble)






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