Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This week rather than talk about TerraCycle I wanted to share with you the amazing find I made.

There is this application called Olio where people can share food items to reduce the ever so growing problem of food waste. There are daily updates of people offering the food that is about to run out of date for free.

There are also availabilities to share your produce or even share half of your dinner if you made too much. Same goes for a cake but you have to beat me to it – yep greedy guts like me is hawking the site for a yummy morsel from our local bake fanatic, who loves baking but just cant eat it all.

I therefore provide comunity Dyson service and hoover up any left over cake and blame the app for my growing waste line. 

Still, now seriously said, it is impossible to cook for a one person household.  All food items are packed in larger volumes so its impossible not to have waste. Some people with skills might be able to offer part of their freshly cooked dinner to their elderly residents who might not have the energy to do as much.

This way, together, we can reduce the food waste. The more waste we make, the more the world needs to grow and sadly the rainforrest suffers as a result, for more trees are  cut down to make space for food plantations.

One thing to mention though is, that this app is only to give away food items and non food, non living items. I know that there is the occasional need to give away your husband or children. Sadly, the only give away for husbands I know off, is the Local Swinging society. However, they do tend to bring your spouse back. Sometimes with a huge grin or with a horrified face leading to some therapy sessions with a phychotherapist.

It has been known that some single society members sneak in with their labrador in a top hat and do ‘swapsies’. It is common for the aging members to loose a husband and more often its populated by keen grannies.

It has been known that Tiddles, a small tabby, is happily shared in towncentre by Lorna, who is on a lookout for young couples to join their club.

Same goes for kids. the only give away for kids I know of, are called ‘grandparents’ however, they also return the offsprings in a bad shape. Missbehaved, high on sugar little dragons are left in a porch after one hour by the speeding away grandparents, driving as if they just attended grand prix race.

Its then impossible to fetch the little darlings off the ceiling with a broom to get them to bed.

Next time we shall speak about the terracycling programs again, so watch this space.





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