Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This week I will be introducing you to yet another TerraCycle program – the Colgate oral care. Surprisingly, there is lots more you can recycle when it comes to your daily toothbrushing routine.

     This program is amazing as you can recycle your used toothbrushes, toothbrush heads as well as empty toothpaste tubes and toothbrush product packaging. When it comes to toothbrushes, only the plastic, non-battery operated are accepted. Any battery/electronic brushes should go to a general small electrical item recycling at your local council waste management site. Still, you can drop off to have your electric toothbrush heads as these are accepted under this program.

     Any brand of toothpaste tubes is accepted. Just squeeze out all left-over toothpaste and keep the lid on – no need to wash it out. Under this program you can also recycle plastic dental floss container but not the actual floss – just its packaging. Same goes for the toothbrushes’ plastic packaging. If unsure what is and isn’t accepted, you can always check by going onto the Terracycle.co.uk / Colgate oral care recycling program internet site.

     I must say that I was very pleased with this recycling program. I had a strong need to find recycling solutions as when our youngest was 3 years old, somehow my husband’s electric toothbrush heads kept wearing out much more frequently. This anomaly was impossible to explain until finally one day I walked into the bathroom unexpectedly.

     My little darling was leaning into the toilet bowl that was quietly vibrating. Giggling to himself, I approached the little monkey and noted that his hand held my husband electric toothbrush pushing it into the toilet bowl whilst singing ‘tidy tidy’ song. This of course followed with huge explanation why we do not use toothbrushes to clean toilets with and thankfully, I no more had the need to buy replacements as frequently.

     Therefore, the advice I can give to any young mum, it’s not only medicines and cleaning products you need to keep away from inquisitive little darlings but also toothbrushes….

    Karst (#jkarstauthor; #littleberkshirewomble)





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