Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

Today I shall introduce you to the TerraCycle Confectionery recycling program. This program on its own is very useful as most of these are wrapped mainly in plastic. This program accepts any plastic chocolate/sweets pouches and bags, any sweets/chocolate bar outer, multipack or individual block/bar wrappers.  

     If you are little bit like me and find yourself eating these diet crashers, at least you can feel a little bit better as you can recycle the wrapper.

    Sadly, these little wrappers appear everywhere and its little depressing seeing the empty wrappers flying about the park. This is the one item I pick the most when I am out litter picking. It makes me angry for 2 reasons – 1. It damages environment and its inhabitants and 2. It wasn’t me that had eaten it.

     Yes, I am a chocolate addict and as my husband is trying to help me to lose some weight, we aren’t allowed to have them in the house. It’s a torture when I am sorting out the recycling.  I have a full box in my garage currently full of lovely, chocolaty smelling wrappers.

     On one occasion I was near licking them but thankfully I had strong will to stop myself.  (Just between us, I didn’t lick the wrapper, instead I run out to the local shop and bought a whole chocolate bar and hid the evidence).

     In a way, it is true what they say, the human is just like their dog. I have a female beagle which is four-legged garbage eating machine.  At least thanks to her there is one item I will never buy again and that’s a Mars bar.

     It wasn’t too long ago when my dog helped herself on our litter picking walk to an empty mars bar wrapper. I only discovered this when Floppsie done a ‘poopsie’ which was neatly wrapped and branded as a Mars bar. After that day I gone off Mars bars…

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