Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This Monday a large volume (169.2KG) was sent to TerraCycle. This should generate plenty of funds for the Canine Partners charity. Its strange to have evenings back with plenty time to ponder on what to do. So far, I managed to pull out a 3000-piece puzzle and have been cursing it ever since.

     As its lockdown there isn’t much that can be done apart from watching lots of classic sitcoms. Though now I think that binge watching sitcoms brings its own challenges. When my husband brought me a tea, I responded ooh ‘lovely jubbly’ and when my canine stole my sandwich I shouted, ‘I don’t believe it!’ Watching Victor Meldrew walk into his bedroom with a dead hedgehog as a slipper made me giggle as well as yuppy Del boy leaning onto a bar but falling over when trying to impress the ladies.

     The small giggle was at least the small light in dark that was clouding my head. My dearest sister Andrea is an ICU nurse who just lost her work colleague. Each day she goes back and tries to keep it together when grieving with the families and praying as she leaves for home that the next day, she sees the patients again, hopefully recovering. Sadly, that’s not the case and each day she returns there is more that lose their lives. The loss of her 39-year-old colleague was near the tipping point for her fragile state, yet she still came back to care for those that need her.

      Not long ago I was upset of turning 40, but her grieving made me realise that I should be thankful that I am able to age. I should be grateful that the only sacrifice asked of me is to stay at the comfort of my home and see my children growing up.  

      Throughout history there always has been a sacrifice by the few to help the many. Thinking of those soldiers that gave their lives so we can have ours, the same goes for the folks on the frontline right now, the ones that turn up to work, exhausted mentally and physically, yet they carry on.

      For that, I am thankful to them all….

   J.Karst (#jkarstauthor; #littleberkshirewomble)






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