Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This week has been exhausting. The amount dropped off was an infinite number of confectionery and crisp packets. About 7 bags were dropped off by a resident school where the children were left to their own dietary management of chocolates and crisps.

     It took me 5 hours to sort through the lot, but it wasn’t time lost. At least I started to binge watch series 1 of Midsummer Murders again. Though when I got to part 4, I realised that the murderer was a completely different actor. Puzzle was solved pretty much quickly when I figured out why – somehow, I lost 1 hour and was watching a completely different episode.

     In the end I managed to sort through the hoard and even caught up on my Christmas shopping. The shops were full of stressed parents trying to create that Christmas magic for their little darlings who are convinced that Father Christmas is loaded. Each little munchkin asks Father Christmas for a very useful expensive presents such as giraffe, hippo or a TV that’s bigger than their bedroom. 

     I do remember asking a pony when I was 4, only to ask for it each year for the next 7 years. I could never explain why he never brought me one. Frustrated each year I had to explain more to him why I must have one. My parents always argued on behalf of the beardy man that garage wouldn’t double up as a stable and that ponies do not sleep in girls’ bedrooms. Eventually, I realised it wasn’t going to happen and asked for rolling blades which did turn up, restoring my belief that Father Christmas isn’t broke.

     One Christmas me and my twin found a whole 1 crown on the pavement. We were over the moon! Such treasure! We decided to spend it on a secret present for our beloved mother.  Some shops visit later we realised that 1 crown won’t stretch much and had to decide between a ‘dish sponge’ or a ‘chewing gum’. We went for the practical option and on the day, our mother opened the newspaper wrapping (the 1 crown didn’t stretch to a wrapping paper) revealing a neon yellow, fabulous, brand-new sponge. Mother was clearly pleased announcing ‘I need one of those’.  

      Isn’t it brilliant being a parent? After working months on end, you spend that salary on Christmas presents, you wrap it, you bake, cook, clean, decorate until you finally get to Christmas day.  With some moments to rest, you open your 1st present revealing it to be a neon yellow sponge – what a treat……  

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