Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This week was manic with recycling. The Great Wall of China has been built inside my garage out of fully stuffed cardboard boxes. I realised that a broken broom handle is a very useful poking device to push the recycling into all corners of the box. The only problem I encountered was find it again when I put it down for a little while.  

     I found it by a chance when I tripped over it and landed headfirst in a crisp box. Thankfully I avoided any injury as it would be strange turning up to a video conference with bruises over my face. I would have to produce an explanation to my colleagues and not sure how believable it would be to explain my lack of garage space, box mountain and a ‘useful’ broken stick.

      Videoconference can be very revealing if one forgets the little camera. I did hear that one tabby feline wanted a cuddle from its human servant and pointed its backside into the camera. What her colleagues saw was NOT the ‘star’ of David.

     I had some pet related camera blip too couple of weeks ago. My lovely beagle, referred to as the mean eating machine, was the culprit. Resting by my side on a sofa, she was dreaming away the day. She was probably remembering the morning walk and how she managed to eat all that lovely disgusting stuff she found. 

     I was mid-presentation when a very scented mist descended upon my nostrils. All eyes on me I tried not to scrunch my face nor hint any form of discomfort. Couple seconds later, I abandoned all hope. It’s very difficult to hold your breath whilst finishing a sentence. Gazelle style I jumped towards the door, opening it with speed. The frosty air came gushing in, pushing away the doggy scented odour. I was hoping that nobody noted the difference.  

     I returned to a screen full of worried colleagues. Apparently, mid-sentence they saw me jumping away like a Jack from a box only to return very pale. I don’t remember much because my beagle repeated the assault and for the rest of the meeting, I was breathing in a frosty pungent air.

     I was so happy when the meeting was over. Up to today I don’t remember what excuse I gave for my odd behaviour, but I can confirm that my dog slept through the lot and was very unhappy when I forced her to go on a long walk in the rain.

    I would also like to report back that my fabulously smelling ‘bubble gum’ room scent kind of lost its shine…

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