Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

This year has been amazing, despite all the corona required shut down of the drop off point. We still managed to remove 1761.57 Kg of waste plus the metal which we haven’t weighted (I only own human scales and must balance a box on my back to be able to weigh it. I can’t do that with metal for its way too heavy.

     The last lot of recycling that left my garage yesterday weighed 197.7 Kg, so hopefully people cleared out their recycling before I had to close off due to Covid. With all the difficulties with Covid none of you gave up and so helped to raise managed to raise £1475.42 for Canine Partner Charity this year which is amazing considering its all from waste. Not to mention that I still have in the account £442.58 to transfer once I am paid for this weeks 197.7 Kg.

      The metal collection has raised £530 for Help for Heroes and Breast Cancer / Breast Cancer Care this year. All that small metal jar lids, spare drink cans, aluminium foil and small metal items were converted into much needed funds.

       The Alzheimer’s Society also benefited thanks to you all and we managed to post a whopping 8.8 Kg of unwanted/broken jewellery. Next year we will add to that old/foreign coins so more funds can be raised for them. I am not able to say fund wise how much they gained but I am sure that that it helped a lot.

      We have also managed to raise £100 for our local City Arts Charity plus this year tombola raised 94.50 for Hedgehog bottom. I do hope that I can raise more for Hedgehog bottom once they re-open. Also, early in the year one parcel was filled by the Hungerford Primary who raised £20.52 for themselves by collecting the crisp packets.

     Overall, our little wombling community raised up to today £2663.02 for all the charities and causes and removed 1761.57 Kg or waste out of landfill not to mention we don’t have the weight for the metal! Despite of Covid you all managed that little bit you could to help raise much valuable funds for the charities. In the end 2020 was a good year and you all should be very proud.

Well done everyone and a very Merry Christmas xxx

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