Jana's Recycling Journey Through West Berkshire

I am sure that everyone is pleased to see the end of 2020, though realistically we still need to be more patient with 2021. Like any new year, they all come with challenges.

     I bet that plenty of you were thinking of your new year resolutions. There were too many to list that I came up with over the years but as many of them failed, I decided to set just one each year – try to be more positive. It’s so easy to think of the glass being half empty!

     Talking of glass half empty, I got myself muddled up on mixing the gin and somehow drunk more of the gin than the tonic. I have managed to stay up for midnight but regretted my drink choice this morning. I should have stuck with an orange juice. The London fireworks weren’t as loud as the gin fireworks inside my head. 

     There is one thing I need to admit, 2020 was the year I became 40. This caused me middle life crisis at the beginning of 2020 but if I am honest, I panicked over all birthdays ending with 0.  

     However, 2020 taught me huge lesson which came in the form of news from my sister, who works as an ICU nurse. Sadly, in 2020 she lost her colleague who was only couple days older than me. 

     I learned that I shouldn’t be cursing the ability to age but that I should be grateful I am getting older. From now on, instead of fearing my growing age, I am planning to enjoy it. That means no more worrying about what I look like in bikinis. Instead I will flaunt my chubby rolls about the beach like I am a supermodel. No more am I going to worry about having the odd grey hair neither the growing wrinkles. 2021 bring it all on….

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