I am getting into the swing of things and slowly preparing for the end of lockdown. I have already asked for boxes because I am expecting a mountain of waste to arrive. I have managed so much over the lockdown so there is some positive despite corona.

            Sadly, my friend’s mum passed away and as she has been an avid collector, my friend was hit with a huge task to clear the property. It’s the hardest thing to do but keep going helps to thing of the future, hence, not to dwell on the past. I have been helping to clear the stuff because I wouldn’t date to see it all to bin.

            There are so many charities/organisations that are happy to take things. Or you can just spend time to sell the things over social media and then transfer funds to the charity of your choice. With my friend’s mums’ stuff, we have decided that the money will go to the Cats Protection league in her name. The icing on the cake is that people who already bought some of the items, love them and give them a good home. Even better, for the items have new home and can please more people along the way of their existence.

            The bedding, blankets, bedsheets are going to the Dog Trust, however we are aware that the Homeless charity is also always after some home starter items. When they are rehoming people to the one-bedroom starter home, they always need the basic things like utensils, microwave, cups, dishes ect. That is where some of the items will go for at least they will be used.

            In today’s world loads of items can be reused, repurposed or renovated. If you aren’t sure who would take what you want to get rid of, just search the internet, I am sure there will be someone who can offer your unwanted item a home. For example, when my uncle died, we had huge load of old records which had no value, and nobody wanted them. In the end I found out that local Elderly Care home were very keen having them. They not just brighten the resident’s day, they also bring much valuable lost memories, helping the residents to recover from anxiety of not being able to remember.

            Therefore, if you have anything to re-use, re-purpose or renovate or just get rid of just check out the internet, there might be someone around the corner who would give it a good home. Just make sure you do tell the elderly gentlemen who want to swap their dishwasher (AKA wife) for a newer model…

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