Jana's Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire

Jana’s Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire. Everyone is frustrated with recycling because due to Corona the recycling options are limited. The main thing is to remain patient and squirrel away waste until all re-opens. But if you can’t keep hold of it then just bin it – don’t be hard on yourself. The current times are already stressful enough without the need to add more frustration to your life.

Maybe for now you can go through feng shui and re-arrange your stuff at home. I have done some of this already and have couple of boxes in my garage ready for a boot sale. My friend got in touch recently who sadly lost her mum. She ended up with lots of stuff to get rid of and as I was already planning a boot sale we decided to join forces. I will store the filled boxes in my garage and once we are able to go, we will sell the stuff at boot sale and all funds will go to Cats Protection league in her mum’s memory.

Her mum and my friend are both cat lovers. I understand the love bond one builds with their furry friend. But since I got a dog, I realised how manipulative cats can really be. My dog is ready for me anytime to pet her but when I had my cats, I had to really find the right time when they wanted me to pet them. If I chose the wrong moment, I would become their scratch post.

Only couple of days ago my neighbour’s cat decided that his owners are totally useless hunters. Their lovely black/white tom cat returned from his night party time with 3 live mice. His owners were very ungrateful for both yelled in a high pitch when the mice joined them at breakfast.  To add insult to injury, the silly humans released all 3 of them. Their tom cat took this as a very disgusting thing to do and wasn’t talking to them the whole day. In the end he decided that its most likely that they aren’t advanced to manage mice, so he kindly brought them a dead frog instead.

As I am a very good neighbour, I decided to laugh at them for a while and when I finished giggling, I told them about the picture I saw circulating on the internet. It was a picture of a kitty who decided to poop in an uncovered bowl of rice on a kitchen worktop.  I therefore summarised that at least their own cat is trying to feed them rather than spoil their food…         

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