We believe that quality is more important than quantity, which is why we craft all our scent-filled creations by hand in small batches.

Essential oil room mists  and diffusers.

Fragrance Blending

A superb sensory and olfactive experience that focuses on the composition and personalisation of a Fragrance; You’ll learn about the different scents, accords and ingredients that make up the luxury perfume industry whilst you work together with one of our scent experts to create your unique top, heart and base notes using natural ingredients and accords before finally blending and bottling these into your own signature scent for you to take home.

Candle Making

This candle making workshop will give you an overview of what candle making entails as you work to craft your own natural candle to take home with you.

You will learn about mixing and blending oils, scent throw, wick selection, size and placement, wax melting and candle pouring.

Your workshop instructor will first guide you through your natural fragrance creation before helping you select the correct wick and teaching you how to melt, mix and pour your candle.

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