J.Karst Journey in West Berkshire/A Sad Day

     ‘Welcome to the new edition of thi sGuest Blog. I am a full-time working mum of 2 boys and a published novelist of ‘The Ninth Cross’ by my pen name J. Karst. I get involved in trying that little bit I can in saving the environment for the future generations.’

             Surprisingly, its been very slow recycling wise though the latest figure on metal recycling was positive indeed. We are now near the £700 pound mark for Help For Heroes and Penny Brohn UK living with cancer charity.

            Though week has been slow in recycling it certainly was too fast life wise. In short space of time I lost 3 members of my close family. In memory of my husband’s grandad – Captain Raymond Ross McKee I was able to donate £849.56 to the Royal British Legion in his name. He was always raising for the charity, so it was only the right thing to do.

            Sadly, as travel abroad is not yet allowed, I wasn’t able to say goodbye nor be able to attend my auntie and uncle’s funeral. In order not to lose the plot I keep trying to bring back the good memories. One of the memories is of my dear uncle who was a naughty young lad who once dated three girls at the same time.

One New Year’s eve, his schedule packed, he was ready to attend to all three girlfriends before he was home for final drink with his father (my long late grandfather). However, his dad at the time disapproved of his naughtiness and banned him from going out. My uncle was seething and as a vengeance he decided to drink his dads treasured whiskey he would save up for the new year.

            Uncle saw his opportunity as his father left the lounge and grasped the filed glass and not letting his sight go off the entrance, he tipped the whole lot in. Sadly, by the time his dad returned, he realised that there was second glass on the coffee table. The one he drunk was where his father put in his dentures to soak, for nothing was going to spoil his whiskey.

            With all the sadness, I tried to keep going through this week, by filling it with errands to occupy my mind.  I now need to admit that it was daft idea indeed.  Learn from my own mistake and when you are faced with sadness, stop and spend some time grieving.

The reason I had to warn you all is because through my erratic behaviour, I got sloppy with detail and managed to stand up into an open kitchen cupboard only knocking myself out back to the floor. I had to remind myself that I must close the cupboards when tidying up dishes.

Such mental reminder was totally useless for only couple of days later I have decided to totally misjudge the available space and which a wham I closed the whole garage door on top of my head, right into the same spot that was already hit by the cupboard.

            Least but last, the errand of fixing my shoes and glue back up the soles ended in disaster too when I forgotten that I emptied the whole glue pot inside the shoes, I wore to pick up my son from school. At home it become quickly noticeable the glue had set as I was unable to remove the shoes off my feet. I have added to my growing shopping list that I need more socks…

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