Hillside Honey

Their honey is brought to you by father and son beekeepers Chris & Adrian Doyle.

Their bees collect its pollen and Nectar from the blossoms and Hedgerows surrounding Hillside House in Great Shefford situated deep in the Lambourn Valley.

Their primary concern is their bees and they have worked through the year in helping their bees along the way and trying to make sure they are safe and sound from the numerous threats that this modern world presents to this beautiful and complex animal.

Their payment for this work is the excess honey that the bees do not require.

Honey is a blend of trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties.

Their extraction is cold extracted ensuring that all the properties of the honey are maintained and preserved.

They also do not blend so it is as pure as possible and as the bees intended.

It always surprises them how readily accepted a blend of EU and Non EU honeys on some honey producers labels is not questioned more.

This leaves them with a pure simple honey with all the properties that the Lambourn Valley countryside can produce.

On top of this once the honey is extracted they do not waste the beautiful beeswax either and is used to make their pure beeswax candles which are slow and clean-burning and will give off the wonderful aroma of honey.

They also work with a beekeeper with similar principles who has the equipment to produce lip balms, natural creams and soaps for which they include within their shop.

They have been fortunate enough to acquire the wonderful setting of Hillside House in Great Shefford.

Set overlooking the Lambourn Valley they wanted to aspire to maximise the land they have available to them.

They keep the wonderful pure breed welsh badger faced mountain sheep and also keep rare breed Berkshire pigs.

They have been slowly renovating the gardens and grounds and have built two new rose gardens, a fruit and vegetable raised bed area, renovating an old apple orchard, planted a new tree fruit and nut orchard and built a walled Apiary.

Rest assured there is still plenty to do.

The first thing they aspired to was keeping bees.

They went on the excellent Newbury and District Beekeepers association course and became members of the BBKA and NBKA.

They are very proud to receive the Newbury Beekeepers Colonel Peake Cup along the way and continue to strive to read and seek opinions of all beekeepers to solve the many hurdles that you come across.

They are regular attendees of the association meetings and have just started writing for the local parish magazine.

They are very much still accumulating knowledge on the craft but even in speaking with some of the association members who have 50 years of beekeeping experience you never stop learning.

They are just in the process of building a second Apiary which can accommodate another 12 hives and are actively seeking new sites and hopefully providing more honey varieties and a range of accessories all from their garden and grounds.

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