At Hildred's, they offer you a wide range of choices. Visit their farm and pick your own scrumptious raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries, as well as many other delicious soft fruits and of course the ever popular asparagus. The friendly and reliable staff are always ready to help you find the fruit or vegetable you are looking for. They can guarantee a unique and enjoyable experience picking your own fresh fruit and vegetables, locally grown.
Please note that the availability of certain soft fruits are subject to seasonal variations.              

If you are looking for a farm that supplies soft fruits and vegetables that are fresh and locally grown then look no further than Hildred's of Reading. Whether you want to pick your own strawberries for desserts or want asparagus to complement your evening meal, their wide range of farm products are tailored by variety to ensure successful picking across the summer months. 

Fruits and vegetables taste better when you eat them during their natural season.  At Hildred's, they are passionate about the produce they sell and because you pick them yourself they are the freshest they can possible be. Whether you want to dip asparagus in melted butter, or need strawberries and raspberries to make jam or a delicious tart, you can pick them at their best.

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