Jess founded Herbal Hedgerow based on her passion for herbal tea.

It all started when she got told that caffeine was off the menu!

She used to be a good old builders brew drinker but still dabbled in a few herbal teas and loved blending her own, this then opened the wide world of herbs!

She became fascinated by the uses and folklore behind all these plants and it’s definitely become one of her passions.

So she thought why not try and spread the word (and taste!) of all these beneficial plants and test the waters with my blends!

So with her experience in horticulture, passion for herbalism, and with help from her friends and family, she created ‘Herbal Hedgerow’ to make this vision a reality.

At Herbal Hedgerow they are committed to using high-quality ingredients to get the best flavour.

Where possible home-grown and organic ingredients are used, to really let the ingredients sing by carefully crafting great tasting blends that soothe, revive and comfort.

They value being open and honest with their customers, using simple language that let the infusions do the talking.

Simple, fun and unique, just like their blends!


From the outset they try to be as sustainable as possible, using recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging, sustainable sources and green energy.

Their pouches are made from NatureFlex™, a product made in the UK from cellulose (a fiber found in plant cell walls) obtained from renewable wood pulp, which has been accredited as suitable for home composting.

*Please note that to degrade successfully in the compost the pouches will need moisture, heat, and aeration.

Their sample pillow pouches are made from 100% post-consumer waste, no bleach or dyes are used so it creates that all-natural rustic look they love so much 

Newbury Artisan Market
Herbal Hedgerow
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