Jana's Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire

     ‘Welcome to the new edition of this Guest Blog- Jana’s Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire. I am a full-time working mum of 2 boys and a published novelist of ‘The Ninth Cross’ by my pen name J. Karst. I get involved in trying that little bit I can in saving the environment for the future generations.’

             Too soon did I speak of sun, because it took a runner and hid behind the clouds like a stroppy teenager. Rainy, cloudy weather kept me inside, so I caught up on the recycling/charity raising figures.

            Quarter one in 2021 was slow due to the corona restrictions. Nonetheless, we still managed to remove out of landfill 252.1kg of weight and raised £303.30 pounds. In quarter two we have had a boom in recycling and removed 502.30 Kg, which accounted for £480.96. Since July 2021 up to today we removed 228.2 kg of weight and raised £265.35. These volumes do not account for the metal recycling. This is astonishing considering that we all have been stuck at home most of the time.  

            So here they are, figures of how much we raised for charities since 2019.

Hungerford primary

Help for Heroes

Breast Cancer Care

Canine Partners

Hedhehog bottom

 £           37.68

 £   1,072.72

 £       369.27

 £    4,380.37

 £      94.50

city arts

Royal British Legion

Cats Protection League

Young People & children first

Penny Brohn UK

 £  100.00

 £         849.56

 £           210.20

 £                80.00

 £       703.45

            I surprised myself and can confirm that one person can make a difference. Overall, unable to give volumes of recycling or jewellery recycling we sent to Alzheimers UK, purely for TerraCycle packaging since 2019 we removed 5414.56 Kg of waste. That means that over 5 tonnes came through my garage.

            I already have 87Kg worth to go tomorrow (most of it is crisp packets) and once that leaves my garage, I will fill it up again with items people donate for charity boot sale in August. Considering all the above, I need to say that my husband is a saint as since 2019 he was tripping over multitude of boxes, had a box wall collapse on him and even once falling into one…

J. Karst

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