Great English Meat Products at Consistently Fair Prices

Griffin’s was known traditionally as a pork butcher serving the Newbury community.

Over the last 25 years they have become renowned as the Local Family Butcher selling not only free range pork, but English beef and local English lamb.

Free range chicken and all other poultry available.

The Vine Family have been serving the Newbury community for over 51 years and during that time they have seen three generations growing up and serving in the business.

In a market town such as Newbury they are proud to continue the heritage of family business and their customers tell them that they appreciate the personal service and enjoy shopping for quality produce from a reliable source.

They continue to select, cut, trim and roll succulent meat to add to their growing list of delicious meats and meat products.

Their aim is to always to give you more choice.

You can now ORDER ONLINE.

Free Delivery when you spend over £100.

Any questions about their service call 01635 40279

From Scotch eggs, to pies and Hams.

They also sell eggs from beechwood farm.


Christmas Ordering at Griffins

At this moment in time they are unable to process online orders for Turkey’s as customers are required to pay a deposit when their order is placed – this however is something they are working on for the future!

If you wish to order one of their fabulous Turkeys or any of their specialist Christmas cuts you will be required to do so by either visiting them at the shop in Newbury or contacting them on 01635 40279.

They stock locally reared free range bronze and white Turkeys, which Golden Promise certified, guaranteeing their quality.

These can be available as whole birds, crowns or prepared as boneless breasts.

Also available are traditional barn raised Turkey’s, Ducks, Geese and large roasting Chickens.

Please ask if you do not see what you require – they are there to make your Christmas dinner a great success:

  • Free Range Turkeys Bronze & White
  • Traditional White Turkeys
  • Geese
  • Ducks
  • Free Range Roasting Chickens
  • Traditional Roasting Chickens (Capons)
  • Bird in Bird Roasts – Do ask!

And don’t forget Turkey may be associated with Christmas but they supply a wide range of alternatives.

Take a look at a sample product list.

  • Rolled Sirloin
  • Baron of Beef
  • Haunch of Venison
  • Racks of Lamb
  • Rib of Beef
  • Chateaubriand

Griffin’s Butchers,

2, Bridge Street,


RG14 5EX

01635 40279

Griffin's Butchers

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