Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch

Just when the Summer has given us its full strength of growth and colour to totally surprise us Gardeners the Nerine suddenly appears as by magic.
Usually flowering leafless on stems 45cm -50 cm tall on long slender stems with a stunning waxy display of trumpet like flowers having as many as 8/10 per stem.
Here to rejoice the end of summer with a spectacular display the Nerine lily also called 
Jersey lilies or naked ladies as they flower with no leaves are one of my favourites 

They have been flowering since to middle of October and last well in water as a display 
Best planted in the spring in a full sunny position not too deep. The bulbs love to be baked by the sun and are perennial good on edges of borders paths and are also good in containers. Water well when first planted and throughout very hot weather to swell the flower buds

Part of the Amaryllidaceae family come in pink purple white and dark and coral pink colours some are tender but this one is the most vigorous Nerine Bowden and never disappoints.

Although November is here and the clocks have changed there’s still plenty happening 
in our Gardens with lots to do and enjoy.
There has been an extended season with no frost as yet but don’t be caught out
it’s time to bring in from the Garden any tender plants and protect tree ferns and bring in any pot Acers.

These Aeoniums definitely need to come into a frost free place being my favourite succulents
are well worth protecting. I’m putting them in a cold Greenhouse for the winter which is light and airy. I’m considering shortening these as they have grown very tall and this is 
possible by cutting down the stem and re potting into a gritty compost. Heavy clay pots are brilliant to help balance to heavy stems. Even the old stem will re grow new rosettes.
Also these pots of bedding Geraniums have flowered so well with dead heading and a regular feed they have given colour all Summer it’s worth picking them up and over wintering remove any dead leaves and keep on the dry side.

Our next large project in the Garden is lifting the hundreds of Dahlias believe it or not they are still flowering and we need a frost to start the process which helps to dry up the stems. Our ground is wet in the winter, but you might be lucky and can mulch over 
the tubers and leave them in the ground. More about these soon.

There’s always another step to achieve and season to look forward to in the Garden
Enjoy planning 
All the best 
Margaret Finch

Farley Hill Gardens
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