Gardening Through The Seasons with Margaret Finch

With the weather being very frosty and misty my Gardening thoughts are of ordering seeds in the warm.There’s nothing better than making yourself a hot drink and flicking through some of the numerous seed catalogues that arrive in the post. Obviously we need the essentials but I’m always on the lookout for something different in the Flower or Vegetable line. For flowers I’ve ordered a yellow Cosmos Xanthus all of the Cosmos are brilliant for attracting bees and for Vegetables a Kalette a cross between kale and Brussel sprout an intriguing variety which produces buttons of purple and green loose and frilly leaves and apparently have a delicious flavour rich in vitamins. My tip for the cold weather is to sit down in the warm and write all the seed labels saves endless time I also write colours and height if that helps just leaving date when sown. Always store seed in the cool preferably in a tin. Next week I’m potting up the Shallot bulbs that have arrived and setting out the seed Potatoes to chit which are now available in the Garden Centres. More about this next time. It’s still good to get out in the Garden during all weather there’s always something to admire even in this colder weather Enjoy All the best, Margaret Finch.


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