Gardening Through The Seasons with Margaret Finch

Only last week we were enjoying the most splendid autumn colours that in Britain we have seen in a few years
The hot sunny weather helps the trees to store huge levels of sugar which produce these amazing bright glowing colours to lift our spirits in to the winter months 

One of our best spectacular sights in our garden is a Filbert Nuttery in the autumn the trees turn a vibrant acid yellow colour 
Filbert corylus meaning full beard as their nuts are protected in green frilly cases.
We harvest a good crop of delicious nutritious nuts if we bet the Squirrels 
Spraying with chilli powder in water is supposed to deter them .
Nut gatherers are called nutters but not in my case!

In the spring they give a massive display of bright yellow catkins which in the wind pollinate their tiny red flowers which then stay dormant until June
These nuts can be eaten when green and make a paste to go with cheese
When fully ripe and brown are packed with vitamins .

For a small garden the burgundy leaves of corylus purpureus make a brilliant statement with large red catkins and a moderate crop of nuts 

Cutting to the ground every few years rejuvenates the trees and gives bean poles ,pea sticks and fire wood and much larger nuts.
Definitely a well worth growing tree or hedge row plant

Enjoy your Garden 
Margaret Finch


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