Gardening Through The Season with Margaret Finch

Dear Readers
Firstly I would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year with lots of Garden enjoyment and fun for 2022.

What a difference in one week Thursday here at Farley Hill -4 degrees there was a very impressive 
frost so picturesque it was beautiful particularly through the Nuttery everything was white and particularly the borders.
It’s always essential to leave border grasses un cut and some herbaceous plants until later as they look stunning frosted and of course for insect to nestle in.
Then today Sunday 8 degrees the sun is out so bright creating long extended shadows through the trees and a very exciting day on target I’ve just seen the first snowdrop of the season. That’s so encouraging and a great start to January,

Looking further the Lonicera tatarica winter honeysuckle is in flower a brilliant deciduous small shrub with dark green foliage and branches of heavenly scented white flowers
which waft the air from a good distance away likened to Chanel no 5 which never been able to afford 
A must have shrub for your garden especially if you were lucky enough to have been given some Garden vouchers for Christmas lovely way to remember your senders generous thoughts.
My other favourite plant for the early Spring is the winter flowering clematis deciduous and with a delicate vanilla perfume is jingle bells aptly named. Flowers for a long time a cheerful sight.
Every day now something will be popping up to internet and give early spring cheer to us.

Gardeners and such a variety of different whether two days are never the same.
Enjoy the hopefully brighter weather and your Garden
All the best
Margaret Finch


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