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Drop off Food Company

They offer a weekly changing menu delivered to your door in the Welford, Berkshire area.

Order by 6pm on Wednesday for a Friday or Saturday delivery.

How it works
  • Have a look at the menu and let us know what you would like to order, including any extras.
  • Please place your order using the order form on this page, by Messenger on our Facebook page or by emailing
  • Place your order by 6pm on Wednesday for Friday or Saturday delivery; arrangements will be made for a delivery time when we confirm your order.
  • We will send confirmation email with an invoice and payment details. Payment is by Paypal or bank transfer, we would really appreciate payment as soon as you receive our confirmation email.
  • Delivery within 5-10 miles of Welford (Berkshire) is free, other distances by arrangement (a small fee may be added).
  • Subject to availability.
  • Any questions? Please call us on 01488 638269 or 07787 891945.


The last couple of nights have been so bright, thanks to the snow moon.

Many full moons have names, it seems the February full moon is so named as it occurs in the winter months, and only the February one can be called the snow moon.

Today/tonight it is due to be at its brightest.

As the temperature is also getting colder for a while, fingers crossed it will be clear enough to be able to get a glimpse of the green comet too some point soon.

Our skies have not let us down again.

Something interesting happening up above, guaranteed the clouds will arrive to cover up any possible sighting!!!

Still one good thing has been that I have downloaded a stargazing app to find out a bit more about what I am looking at.

Those sleepless nights will now take on an interesting spell of stargazing.

There is one called the sky at night which is most informative.

While reading through the blurb about the moon passing through Cancer and soon to be entering Gemini, I could hear the voice of Patrick Moore alongside which really brought it to life and made me smile.

I wonder what he would have made of anyone being able to tune in to the galaxies on their phone.

I hope he would be pleased that such information is available for everyone at any time.

The light is lengthening too, light by 7.20 ish in the morning and staying with us till almost 5.30pm, it does happen quite quickly once January has moved on.

However it apparently comes at a cost and is due to get cold again so I hope the winter woollies haven’t been discarded yet. 

There is no Friday or Saturday delivery food this weekend, but we do have the Valentine’s Tasting menu to tempt you for an easy special cosy night in to spoil yourselves.

Things will be back in place for the regular service running again the following weekend.

Stay warm, have a good week and don’t forget to look out the window tonight!

Best wishes,   

Nick & Karen

Drop Off Food Company

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