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They offer a weekly changing menu delivered to your door in the Welford, Berkshire area.

Order by 6pm on Wednesday for a Friday or Saturday delivery.

How it works
  • Have a look at the menu and let us know what you would like to order, including any extras.
  • Please place your order using the order form on this page, by Messenger on our Facebook page or by emailing nick@dropofffoodcompany.co.uk.
  • Place your order by 6pm on Wednesday for Friday or Saturday delivery; arrangements will be made for a delivery time when we confirm your order.
  • We will send confirmation email with an invoice and payment details. Payment is by Paypal or bank transfer, we would really appreciate payment as soon as you receive our confirmation email.
  • Delivery within 5-10 miles of Welford (Berkshire) is free, other distances by arrangement (a small fee may be added).
  • Subject to availability.
  • Any questions? Please call us on 01488 638269 or 07787 891945.


This week saw the passing of another icon of an era, Tina Turner.

I was very lucky to go and see her at the New Theatre in Oxford in the early 80’s.

It was a sell out concert and she did two shows, I managed to get tickets to the second show which began at 9.30 I think.

Given she had already done a show of almost 2 hours, you would never have known, she gave such an amazing performance full of energy & movement, not a note out of place or sounding tired.

She had such a strength of voice and presence, and gave her all.

It has always stood out for me, and I felt so privileged to see such a professional performer giving such an astounding memorable performance not once but twice that evening.

She will be missed by many.

One of the stranger things about performers in all arts and crafts, is how much they leave us with to appreciate long after they are gone, whether it be something to watch, look at, read, listen to or touch, they live on with a poignancy and reflection that can still touch a moment, music being very much an evoking of all sorts for many.

As we have had such a busy lovely weekend helping a bride and groom celebrate their union, we are running a tasting menu this week, something fishy which we hope you will find interesting.

The following weekend, June 9th and 10th,  as we have more birthday party celebrations to look after there will be no menu running.

I guess people will be starting to embark on summer travels soon too.

I must say half term has crept up on me this week,

Enjoy the weather, should it last another whole week,

Best wishes,

Nick & Karen

Drop Off Food Company

01488 638269 or 07787891945  
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