Dragonfly Sky release Willow Tree

Dragon Sky Release Willow Tree| Friday 9th July 2021 |A captivating song about coming to terms with a near-death experience

‘Willow Tree’ is a song that explores a near-death experience, after lead singer, Amy Whiter, contracted meningitis and was seriously ill and left fighting for life in hospital.

“This experience happened in 2011 and changed my outlook forever” says Amy Whiter, “Although obviously a very frightening experience, it left me with a renewed and profound sense of love for family and friends, and a greater appreciation for life. 

The song is really an exploration of being in this strange place somewhere between life and death, and about coming to terms with the experience. The Willow Tree is for me a symbol of the bridge between life and death. Would I meet my loved ones in this life or the next?”.  

With heartfelt vocals, soaring strings, and a driving rhythm, ‘Willow Tree’ pulls you in and entrances you. Written by duo Dragonfly Sky – composed of Amy Whiter (lead vocals) and Chris Lee-Delisle (Guitar and vocals), the track also features the talents of violinist Phil Beer (Show of Hands), Cellist David Floer and pianist Rob Harvey. 

Praise for Willow Tree

“The delicate yet dramatic sound evokes a superbly atmospheric style, and the vocals are very impressive” Various Small Flames 

“Incredible vocal performance here and love the strings arrangement” 

Damien McFly – Playlister

“Willow Tree is a beautiful and emotional song, interpreted with great expressiveness and sweetness. The instrumentation, with an organic sound, creates a very warm and trapping musical atmosphere.” Caoba Records

“[Willow Tree] is a more than enjoyable listen bolstered by some crisply delivered lead vocals that sit with ease amidst the rolling guitars, tender orchestral string atmospherics, silky smooth backing vocal harmonies, imaginative/visual and poetic lyricism, flowing intimate arrangement and a clean mix/master! Excellent artistry on full display. Props are due!” – Music On The Moon

“A lovely tender folk offering with a fragile emotive ballad quality” 

We All Want Someone To Shout For

“A pleasant and atmospheric soundscape accompanied by a heartfelt vocal with such a stunning tone. Great production quality!” Andreas Grannes

“This is a gorgeous song. I love it! Beautifully made and outstanding harmonies.” Emotional Feedback

“The mesmerizing flow of the track’s lovely vocals coupled with the heartfelt touch of the strings and guitar of the instrumental makes for a really magical soundscape” Underrated

Release day celebration live-stream raising money for charity Meningitis NOW

Dragonfly Sky will be live-streaming on the day of the release to raise money for Meningitis Now on their Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/dragonflyskymusic 


Dragonfly Sky is a harmony driven acoustic duo from Surrey, UK. Amy and Chris are writers and performers of well crafted, atmospheric original songs. With mellifluous harmonies and perfect arrangements, you’ll be caught up in the story and drifting through a heady mix of light and dark shades.

Praise for Dragonfly Sky

Praise for EP Neon: “As debuts go, it doesn’t get much better than this. This is certainly one of the strongest EPs of the year so far. Neon EP is engaging and enchanting, and will keep you enthralled with every listen. I can’t wait to hear more from Dragonfly Sky.” Adam Jenkins, FATEA magazine

“Dragonfly Sky are an exceptional duo, with lush harmonies and an incredibly alluring stage presence. Well crafted songs with passionate vocals and skilled musicianship” Andy Brook – Producer

“Refreshingly original, infectious melodies and delicious harmonies” Jim Cozens – Singer-Songwriter

Contact Information

Please contact dragonflyskymusic@gmail.com for interviews and further information. 

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