French brasserie chain, serving regional specialities and traditional classics.

A relaxed atmosphere, the food is delicious- with puddings to die for!

And all at once, as if they’ve all been waiting for it, Autumn Arrivée.

The season turns golden, harvests begin, new flavours are foraged and friendships rekindled around the table.

In France this is called ‘La Rentrée’, it is that feeling synonymous with the celebration of provenance, craft and conviviality.

Rendezvous, encore.

This month they’re taking inspiration from their French neighbours.


102 - 103 Northbrook Street,
Town Centre,
RG14 1AA

016 353 5315

They offer a A La Carte Menu, Vegetarian, Vegan, Brunch, Petit Menu and Gluten Free.

Can’t make it to their restaurants?

Why not try Cote at Home instead.

Delivering chilled, restaurant quality meals to your door, prepared and ready to heat.

From date night to  luxury seafood, and even a Sunday roast – they’ve got you covered for every occasion!

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