Traditional butchers with a modern approach. 

At Cook & Butcher they had originally set out to open a traditional butcher shop with high standards but losing the bad habits often associated with many other food outlets, by doing so they implement good old fashioned methods of butchery but with the advantages of a well-equipped and very clean shop. 

Their modern shop interior provides cleanliness and satisfaction to their customers with no back rooms or hidden prep areas.

Their customers get to see every aspect of Butchery from start to finish ensuring they get exactly what they ask for, prepared in front of them and in a modern clean environment. 

At  Cook & Butcher you will find the exact things you would expect when shopping with a traditional specialist, as well as meats and cheeses you can also find cured meats, pies, gluten free sausages & burgers and other delightful treats by a click of a button.

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