Cidernik's Ciders, Kintbury

Their ciders are made with pure apple juice with nothing else added.

So their ciders do not contain sulphites, additional …Ciderniks’ ciders are made with pure apple juice with nothing else added.

The strength of the ciders produced is, therefore, dependent on the amount of fermentable sugars in the pressed apple juice.

Wherever possible, apples are sourced locally.

The mixture of apples used will produce a distinctive taste each year. Juice is allowed to finish fermentation naturally.

This tends to produce a drier cider – those who prefer a sweeter taste may wish to try adding a small amount of sugar, honey, apple juice or even lemonade, before drinking.

The history of cider goes back many hundreds of years, and cider can be one of the purest alcoholic drinks available – at its simplest, pure apple juice can be left to be fermented to cider using only the natural yeasts found on the fruit and in the juice.

This method may produce an eminently drinkable cider, but also faces the risk of infection of the fermenting juice by airborne bacteria and an unreliable fermentation due caused by weaknesses in the natural yeast.

To counter these natural hazards and to ensure a reliable fermentation, a variety of additives may be used, and although the range of additives allowed is controlled by legislation in the UK, some ciders, especially some of the large commercial brands found in many pubs, may contain a bewildering list of ingredients to produce a consistent product year after year.

Real cider is made the traditional way that has been used for hundreds of years and can be made by anybody, even using the most rudimentary equipment

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