Choirs to Join in West Berkshire

People love to sing. Whether or not they can carry a tune, people seem to understand that there’s something positive — something healthy — in the act of raising their voices in song. In fact, there’s solid scientific evidence to prove that singing is, in fact, good for your body and your mind.

  1. Benefits- relieves stresss.Researchers in that study found that the amount of cortisol was lower after singing, an indication that people felt more relaxed after they’d belted out a tune.
  2. Stimulates The Immune Response- a study showed Those who sang showed higher levels of immunoglobulin.
  3. Increases Pain Threshold-singing, drumming, and dancing in a group triggers the release of hormones that raise your pain tolerance in ways that just listening to music doesn’t.
  4. May Improve Snoring-researchers found that significantly fewer choir members snored. This led them to recommend regular singing as a potential treatment for snoring.
  5. Improves Lung Function- because singing involves deep breathing and the controlled use of muscles in the respiratory system, it may be beneficial for certain lung and breathing conditions.
  6. Develops a sense of belonging – when you sing together with others, you’re likely to feel the same kind of camaraderie and bonding that players on sports teams experience.
  7. Enhances memory in people with dementia

  8. Helps with grief

  9. Improves mental health and mood

  10.  Helps improve speaking abilities

A440 Choir
Berkshire Maestros
Three Rivers, Newbury
The Rock Choir
Cantemus, Newbury
Newbury Choral Society
Pangbourne Choral Society
Goring Chamber Choir
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