A “hug in a bag” for those going through Chemo….

Chemo gift bags supply gift bags that can help breast cancer patients ( male and female ) through their chemo treatment.

Lynne Shipton started Chemo Gift Bags in October 2013, when Lynne was diagnosed with cancer.

Understanding that there is a lot more to chemo than losing your hair  and so she set about finding out what would help those going through chemo and started to put them in bag.

Described as a”hug in a bag”  it is a bag that goes on forever and a bag that gives insight into a chemotherapy journey, packed by people who understand how daunting this journey can be.

Paul Presents Chemo Gift Bags with Tara Byrne and Donna Lewandowski
Paul Presents Chemo Gift Bags With Tara Byrne And Donna Lewandowski
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