Britain's Forgotten Frontier The Ironside Line 2022

‘ Have you ever walked along the Kennet and Avon Canal and spotted these strange concrete ruins? Better known as pillboxes, these structures served a vital function in defending West Berkshire and the nation against an imminent Nazi invasion during the early 1940s. Local Writer and Documentary Filmmaker Mirek Gosney unearths their forgotten story in his documentary debut. ‘
Every year on 11 November, we commemorate the sacrifices of those who served and died in conflicts including the Second World War. Yet, significant chapters of this landmark global conflict are largely overlooked by society and academia today. ‘Britain’s Forgotten Frontier’ unearths the forgotten interlude between Operation Dynamo and the Battle of Britain, an uncertain period often dubbed ‘Britain on the Brink’. Who was responsible for securing Britain’s defences? What strategies were used to prevent a seemingly imminent Nazi invasion during the early 1940s?
Britain’s Forgotten Frontier The Ironside Line 2022
Mirek Gosney

“My name is Mirek Gosney. I have always been passionate about Film, History, Gaming and where any of these subjects cross over!

My main reason for creating this site traces back to my school days. During this time, I was often frustrated by the whitewashed, straightjacket history presented in the classroom. This inspired my interest in giving a voice to forgotten and marginalized histories overlooked by popular historical narratives.

I have a professional background working in Theatre and Commercials as a Production Assistant. I have also taught Film and Television Production to children and young adults.

I am always open to receiving feedback, information and suggestions for future projects. Please visit the Contact page if you wish to get in touch. I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


I graduated with a 2:1 in BA Film and History from the University of Southampton. I received a First-Class Honours for my Dissertation evaluating the contributions of The Czechoslovak New Wave to Czech cinema during the 1960s.


​I was born in Reading, but I was made in Thatcham.


Local History in and Around West berkshire

Mirek's website dedicated to exploring untold and underrepresented histories. Too many historical events and figures are brushed under the carpet for being controversial, upsetting or uncomfortable. In other words, topics you wouldn't study on the National Curriculum! Well, all history is significant and the past continues to shape the world around us today. As the German philosopher Georg Hegel once said: 'we learn from history, that we do not learn from history'.
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