Berkshire Gardens Trust | West Berkshire Villagers 

The aim of the Berkshire Garden Trust is :

“To identify, understand, appreciate, and promote the conservation of historically significant designed landscapes in Berkshire…”

“enjoying and caring for our garden heritage, now, and for future generations”

We are proud of the rich heritage of historic parks and gardens which we have here in the Royal County of Berkshire. We aim to identify, protect and promote this valuable heritage. 

The Trust is a volunteer organisation which runs an annual programme of informed garden visits, talks, seminars and lectures. We also initiate projects in which members can participate, such as cataloguing the important gardens and parks in the County. 

They have been involved in restoring and conserving important public gardens. There is much going on and plenty to do. They do hope that  you  would like to join them as a member of Berkshire Gardens Trust and help where you can.  Do contact them if you would like to get involved

The Berkshire Gardens Trust runs an annual programme of garden visits, lectures and talks.  These events help their members to better understand the historical landscapes in Berkshire and neighbouring counties. From that understanding comes a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the gardens they visit. 

This hopefully leads to a desire to care for the landscapes, to help conserve them and allow more people to discover and enjoy them as well. 

New Lectures
Visit to The Dell, Bucklebury
Public Parks: The Paradise of Victorian Innovation, Decay, Renaissance, and the Vandals at the Door by David Lambert
Hamstead Park
Looking after Berkshire’s Historic Public Parks
The BGT Trustees are launching an exciting new project for 2021 as part of the national Gardens Trust ‘Unforgettable Gardens’ campaign. We will be researching and promoting the value and quality of our public parks of historic interest across the County, of which four are on Historic England’s Registered Parks and Gardens.  Many other parks are also open to the public for example South Hill Park in Bracknell.

Covid-19 has shown the huge value of public open space to local communities.  At the same time, it is important that parks are properly looked after and the several very worthwhile projects, such as new play facilities, are designed and sited to conserve and enhance Berkshire’s park heritage.  Our aim is to achieve a better understanding of the history of our public parks and a closer working relationship with the people who look after them.

If you would like to contribute please contact us at