Autumn Gardens at The Vyne

Burning Liquidambar, auburn Swamp Cypress and sturdy American Red Oaks set ablaze an informal garden landscape.

In all weathers, you can stretch the legs and indulge the eye with fiery autumn colour.

A steaming cup of tea and or hot chocolate is a welcome revival after emerging from a country estate flecked with rusty leaves.

In the gardens
The orange, crimson and deep purple leaves of liquidamber and swamp cypress trees create beautiful reflections across the lake.

Liquidamber is a famed autumn colouring tree from the USA where it’s known as the sweet gum.

In late summer the leaves turn a deep black crimson colour, then as autumn progresses they go through a kaleidoscope of colours - golden yellow, amber and red. 
Alongside the Lime Avenue, sturdy American red oaks reach up to the skies boasting fiery-red leaves.

Near the chapel, a narrow-leaved ash arches over a section of path swaying boughs of ginger-orange.

Walled garden
Even as late as October, The Vyne’s show-stopping dahlia border continues to display thousands of magnificent blooms, and will do, until the first frosts.  

Bigger than ever, it features over 300 plants, in shades from cream, yellow and vibrant orange, to hot pink and magenta red.
Dahlias were an important part of horticultural life at The Vyne in the 19th century, when head gardener Mr Broomfield regularly won prizes for his blooms at local shows.  

In the woods

Where beeches and oaks mingle with sweet and horse chestnuts, lime, cherry and whitebeam produce a palette of lemon-yellow and strawberry-red. 

A host of fungi flourish in a backdrop of autumn leaves and weathered tree trunks.


After a long woodland stroll, you’ll find our cosy Brewhouse tea-room near the main house.

Here you can order a delicious cream tea or a warming soup among other refreshments.

Nature-inspired family activity, the Autumn colour hunt will help keep the young ones entertained as you stroll through the gardens and countryside of this hidden gem.

A house explorer trail will entice younger visitors to venture round the historic mansion, while those with pocket money spare will be able to treat themselves to children’s knick-knacks and books in the gift shop.

Looking ahead to October half-term, two Halloween garden trails will run 22-30 October 10am-4pm.

These cost £2 per trail sheet and prize plus normal admission.

Don't forget, you'll need to book a free parking space before embarking on your next adventure. 

Autumn colour hunt

On this inclusive trail, hunt for shapes and colours in the gardens using a key available for £1 each at visitor reception.

On the key, an artist's palette features autumnal colours to find in the landscape while a tree leaf detective activity offers a colour blind friendly adventure.

Mon 5 Sep – Sun 30 Oct 10am-5pm, last entry 4pm then Mon 31 Oct – Sun 20 Nov 10am-4pm, last entry 3pm.

Written by Clarissa, their Woodland Walks Writer, this 0.68 mile route will give you a healthy dose of the outdoors while keeping things quick and simple.

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