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Pub Review on The Queen’s Arms at East Garston

The Queen’s Arms at East Garston has had a make -over during the recent lockdowns. We decided to try this pub last Sunday, as it had a garden and so had the option for alfresco dining, always worth considering in the current climate, was available. We had not been there for about 12 years, but the landlords had changed, so we thought we would give it a try! Parking was no problem. We booked for 1 pm, the weather was not suitable for dinning outside, but an indoor table was available for us and we were immediately made to feel welcome. The owner, Freddie Tulloch greeted us -and the staff were immediately helpful, pleasant, polite and very plentiful, mostly younger staff. The ambience was relaxed, with other customers obviously enjoying their experiences, there was nobody complaining about anything and the food coming out to the other tables looked delicious. The restaurant area snug and décor pleasing. The fresh flowers on the table were very agreeable and the table settings generally clean and appealing. The toilets were hygienic and the design pleasing.

 Starting with the drinks, there was real ale on offer, non -alcoholic beverages and lagers, which were served quickly, whilst we browsed the menus.

We ordered 3 Sunday lunches and a fish dish as a main course and ice-creams / sorbets as a second course. The choice of meats on offer was plentiful. The meals arrived in about ten minutes after ordering, beautifully laid out, hot and appetizing. Cutting up the meat for a disabled person was quickly organised, although the choice and knowledge of no cream dishes, we felt,  could perhaps have a slight improvement, although they did ask the chef. The roast meats were rare- but were how we liked them- and I am sure nobody would have minded if we had asked for well- done meat.

The roast lamb came accompanied with crispy, light roast potatoes, a selection of 4 fresh vegetable and an added dish of cauliflower cheese all working together beautifully.  What did impress us was extra gravy for each person came as standard. The fish was delicate and tasty, fresh and well presented. The puddings were decorated with edible flowers and so looked mouth -watering from the word go. The sorbet was described by the person eating them, as the best sorbet they had ever eaten and had real fresh fruit at the bottom. The ice-creams were melt- in -the mouth gorgeous. The Tea was also described as the best pub tea ever and the coffees were most enjoyable.

Overall, The Queens Arms was pleasing, the food delicious, good value for money. On the downside was knowledge and availability of non -allergen foods. and the overall experience was one we all agreed we would like to try again and certainly would recommend it.

Location 5

Cleanliness 5

Service 5

Value for Money 5

Food  5

Allergen Knowledge and Availability 4


Disability Access   Y   Child Friendly   Y   Gluten Free   Y   Vegan   Y   Vegetarian   Y  Dog Friendly  Y   Free Parking  Y  Hotel Y

The Queens Arms, East Garston
The Queens Arms, East Garston
The Queens Arms, East Garston
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