Paul Presents

Paul Presents is a podcast with interviews from local people. Paul has been broadcasting for 38 years and despite the challenges being disabled may cause, he has continued his love of broadcasting and produces a popular weekly podcast.

Paul Presents: being a Driving Instructor with Nick Cornish

Nick Cornish has run a driving school in Newbury for over 20 years, successfully teaching people to drive. Starting with one car to now having a fleet of ten cars. He believes the initial ability of controlling a vehicle is straight forward, but mastering the hazard perception takes time and experience. In this interview he describes the process to successfully learning to drive and a story of how not to successfully drive through Newbury!

Last Week’s Interview-Paul Presents: British Sky Broadcasting & Sky Sports News with Daniel Wimbush, Co – Producer

Daniel Wimbush is the co-producer of British Sky Broadcasting & Sky Sports news. His father is well- known locally as Tony Christian Wimbush, currently a presenter on Kennet Radio. Daniel joins us today to tell us about his job, his journey to becoming a co-producer and his love of sport.

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