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One of the joys of being a chef is sharing your knowledge and passion with other food lovers, whether they’re amateurs or aspiring chefs. The Woodspeen Cookery School run a wide range of courses, from cooking the perfect steak to baking the perfect sourdough. And they host one-off demonstrations, wine tastings, seasonal celebrations and private events in their cookery school kitchen, throughout the year.   Their cookery school kitchen also serves as the backdrop for our kitchen private lunches or dinners – Table, suitable for private lunches or dinners – perfect for intimate business dinners, team-building exercises, birthdays, anniversaries or other personal milestones.

This morning is sure to get you in the mood for Christmas. Join us for tea/coffee and a warm mince pie whilst we teach you some creative and 'merry' little ideas for treats to make and enjoy over the Christmas season or to create as unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

We all know that often Christmas can become rather a whirlwind of last minute preparations. So to get in the Christmas spirit join us as we prepare in good time for the big day. Everything you make on the day is designed to go home with you and be stored in the fridge or freezer ready for Christmas Day, making cooking and serving Christmas day lunch so much easier.

Love our restaurant? Learn how to recreate our most popular starter, main course and dessert of the season at home, in your own kitchen

At The Woodspeen we believe that a good understanding of traditional butchery skills gives the cook an advantage for getting the most out of each cut. Just as important as the skill to prep is the skill to cook and we will run through some time and temperatures to cook your meat perfect every time, from keeping your stews and casseroles tasty with the meat being moist and tender, we’ll be breaking down chicken, duck and cooking lamb and beef, explaining the cuts as we go along and the best cooking methods to use.

This course changes with the seasons. We teach you three amazing seasonal dishes you can prepare in advance with fail-safe tips which are sure to delight - so when entertaining, you can spend more time with your guests and less time stressing in the kitchen. Your guests will marvel at the ambitious dishes you've created for them, and won't believe you don't have a professional chef in your kitchen.

All things Lobster! Do you love eating Lobster but have no idea how to cook or prepare it? This course is designed to give you the confidence to not only prepare this amazing creature but also make some incredible dishes out of it as well.

Dreaming of those beautiful Spanish Tapas dishes you had on Holiday? This Course is designed to teach you to recreate those beautiful Spanish flavours, you will learn all the tips & tricks be able to recreate these stunning dishes at home. Hagmos Comida Hermosa. Enjoy at the end of the Evening some of your finished dishes with a glass of spanish wine

  • Flavour of France
  • A Taste of Italy
  • Introduction to Bread & Enriched Dough
  • Sunday Roast and Pudding
  • Afternoon Tea and Baking with Your Mum
  • Best Simple Classic - Beef Wellington
  • Steak Night
  • Curry Night

Ever feel like your dinner parties need a little bit more je ne sais quoi?If so, our French Cookery Course will give you all the tools that you need to pull off the perfect dinner party. You will learn a multitude of skills including making a cheese Soufflé from scratch, Classic Coq au Vin and creamy potato & finish with a beautiful Tart Tatin.

Italian food is the ultimate in social food, and what could be better than gathering a group of friends or family around the table for homemade Italian specialties. Join us for a day where we will teach you to prepare this Italian feast.

Learn the basics with us, and before you know it, you’ll be whipping up classic and modern breads, from traditional soda bread to shortbread

Sunday lunch is often a gathering of family and friends and sometimes it can also be the only time during the week for a family to sit down together and take time to enjoy a meal.  It can definitely be the highlight of the week, so making it a pleasure to cook and tasty to eat is essential.

Get your mums weekend started of in style by joining us at The Woodspeen Cookery school where we will make some sweet treats with a glass of wine, to join our sweet treats and complete our Afternoon Tea we will have some finger sandwiches from the kitchen, we will also Demonstrate how to make home made butter to go with your sconces 

Join us to create a classic dish that will soon become a firm favourite. This time it is beef wellington made from scratch, with homemade puff pastry, perfectly cooked beef fillet and rich velvet red wine sauce. Finish the morning off with your Wellington, some fries and a glass of red around the kitchen table

Discover the secrets to cooking the perfect steak and chips. We’ll show you how to pick the best cuts and share tips on how to keep your steak tender, juicy and full of flavour. Then it’s over to our Kitchen Table, where you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

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  • Fish Friday
  • Desserts

Know what great fish looks like? We'll show you how to identify quality points in fish, ensure you know what to buy. This course will teach you preparation and cooking techniques of flat, round fish, ensuring maximum eating quality and flavour.

Traditional cakes and desserts are at the heart of good home cooking. We’ll focus on the techniques you need to make pastry, desserts and petit fours, while our tips on creative presentation will transform you into a star baker. Our hands-on day will give you the opportunity to learn many techniques whilst making several desserts.