The Mayors Teddy Bear’s Picnic

The Mayor’s Teddy Bears Picnic.

31st August 2021. The Mayor of Newbury is inviting families to this free event. Join the Mayor and Bartholomew bear by Victoria Park Bandstand for picnic lunch between 11 am and 1 pm. There will some light refreshments to purchase and some activities, including a teddy bear treasure hunt and an opportunity for you and your teddy bear to meet the Mayor. There will be an opportunity to raise funds for The Mayor’s benevolent Fund, helping the people of newbury in need and the charity Speakability


People with Aphasia from Newbury, West Berkshire and surrounding areas are welcome in our group. We will help you to build your confidence, develop new skills, make new friends and practice speaking. 

Aphasia affects people in different ways. Many of our group have difficulties with speaking, understanding speech, reading, writing, numbers, dealing with money and telling the time. It doesn’t affect their intelligence. They think in the same way as everyone else but are unable to communicate their thoughts easily. 

We spend the first part of each meeting saying hello to each other. We have a topic for the meeting – wear a hat, tell us about your favourite pet for example – that we discuss. The meeting lasts for 45 minutes. There is an option to stay longer for people who want Speech Therapy.