Rainforests are important for a whole host of reasons, including climate stability, cultural diversity and biological diversity. There is plenty to see  including- Asian mudskipper, Green iguana. Orchids, Two-toed sloth. Goeldi’s monkey, Carpet python, Bromeliads and a Channel billed toucan. The Living Rainforest is an indoor greenhouse tropical rainforest located in Hampstead Norreys. It is an ecological centre, educational centre and visitor attraction consisting of three glasshouses, operated and run by the Trust for Sustainable Living.

The visitor attraction consists of three glass houses that adjoin each other; the flora and fauna in each glass house are representative of different layers or areas of tropical rainforests. The rainforest layers represented in the Amazonica and Lowlands glasshouses include the canopy, understory and forest floor layers. The Small Islands glasshouse exhibits shows life at the edge of an island rainforest, the exhibits in this glasshouse are being developed to highlight the issues and concerns faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS) throughout the world.

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