The Annual Hungerford Extravaganza

Every year on the second Friday in December, The Hungerford Extravaganza heralds the arrival of Christmas in the town, as though by magic it is transformed into a wonderland of delights.

This Years Date is currently planned for the 10th December 2021.

For a few hours the town is taken back in time, and becomes a fantastic Christmas scene with old-time Amusements, street stalls, street entertainers, fairground organs, and other events. Most shops stay open through the evening, many offering added hospitality such as mulled wine and mince pies.

The day starts at 8am with a breakfast, provided by the Three Swans Hotel, on the Town Hall Steps for invited dignitaries who turn out in Festive dress, generally in freezing conditions and to the bewilderment of passing motorists!

This is followed during the morning by the judging of the best shop window Christmas display.

Through the day, the many attractions start to arrive in the town, and are set up along Bridge Street and High Street.

By 5pm the town is alive with fairground organs, side stalls, street entertainers, Old Time Amusements and other fairground rides. It is wonderful to see young children’s faces so enjoying the fairground fun!

Most shops remain open for late-night trading through the evening, and many offer seasonal hospitality.

There are many street stalls offering other refreshments of various types and games to play.


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