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They thought you might like some further details about their very special environmental event ‘Your Land – How you can help save the Planet’ on Wednesday evening, 8th June at the Swan at Streatley. This event is a rare opportunity to see Dr Niall McCann, the Keynote speaker, an internationally recognised authority on conservation, presenting his research and conservation work throughout the world.

Niall is a National Geographic Explorer, Adventurer, Front-line Conservationist, Zoologist & Wildlife TV Broadcaster. He was introduced by Sir David Attenborough, when appearing on his TV Perfect Planet series last year, “as one of the three world-leading authorities on conservation”.

The presentation in the first part of the event describes his conservation and research work throughout the world:

Niall takes us on a journey into the jungles, deserts, rivers and savannahs on five continents. From researching some of the most endangered species on earth, to running anti-poaching operations in Africa, including capturing man-eating crocodiles, dodging drug gangs and pressuring politicians at home and abroad, Niall’s talk is packed with adventure and insights from 20 years of living and working on the conservation frontline. Beautifully illustrated with images from his work, “Protecting the Planet” is a celebration of the natural world and a rallying cry for people to fight to protect our shared natural heritage.
Niall has been affectionately described as a ‘Real-life Indiana Jones’ (click to see short video compilation).

The second half of the programme, with a panel of local conservation experts, concentrates on ways to increase biodiversity on your land, whether it is a small garden or a farm. Members of the audience can ask six local specialists, listed below with their existing or previous roles, questions about how small, simple changes in the way land in used can help increase biodiversity and save the Planet.

Dr John Barrett OBE (Goring) Senior Government Advisor, International Programmes on Environment and Climate Change,  Alison Smith (Oxford) Environmental Policy Analyst and Senior Researcher in Land-use, Neal Bucknell (Streatley) Hon Secretary, British Ornithologists’ Union and British Trust for Ornithology, Guy Hildred (Goring) Sustainable farmer and green gas producer using anaerobic digestion, Julian Gold (Wantage) Sustainable farmer of 800 hectares in South Oxfordshire & Dr Elaine King (Oxfordshire) CEO Chilterns AONB.

Tickets are £8.00, including a Welcome Drink, and available here:

Sponsored by Goring Gap Environmental Organisation (GGEO), Green Gas Oxon and The Swan Hotel

Dr Niall McCann
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