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Duncan Jones, of the The Five Bells Wickham, started helping friend out in cafe, which led to a love of cooking. After college he travelled the world cooking. He then worked at Marco Pierre White’s, Yew Tree Inn and learned to work in a professional kitchen. He has cooked for Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Phillip and the Queen of Sweden.

The Five Bells, is a stunning pub with an established good reputation in a picturesque location. To keep the exceptional reputation the pub holds, he will serves good quality honest pub food, cooked from scratch on-site.He would like to see The Five Bells thriving in the local community, welcoming families, couples and business people alike. They will be catering to specific requirements, catering for all dietary preferences, intolerances and allergens. Their on-site microbrewery  offering homemade ales.

It is important to  try and work towards minimising environmental impact at The Five Bells. Therefore he will be investigating ways of reducing their energy consumption, waste and impact on the environment, starting with sourcing sustainable local ingredients.  He believes having a creative love for food, embracing a challenge and being open to suggestion and change in their craft makes a good chef.

There a  wide ranging pub menu and breakfast are also served in the pub from 9 am- 10.30.

There are regular steak and wine evenings and a take away Sunday Lunch, plus local market and produce baskets.

bread market under second saturday of every month from 9am - 12pm

Honey from Tudor Thatch Honey available every week 

All items are subject to availability and first come first serve