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There is nothing more beautiful than to watch a Barn Owl floating silently across a meadow hunting. To hear the haunting call of Tawny Owls. To look into the determined glare of a Little Owl. To witness the amazing sight of a Short Eared Owl’s courtship flight. To look into the dynamic orange stare of a Long Eared Owl.

The British Owl Project works in the conservation of UK Owls through surveying, habitat restoration, expansion and networking, citizen science and education enabling the increased understanding of and connection with these amazing birds.

Owl Conservation

The British Owl Project Has Everything British Owl At Its Heart. Owls are an indicator and umbrella species and their presence and population size is an indication of the health and balance of their ecosystem and its biodiversity. The British Owl Project offers the opportunity to be involved in Owl Conservation and species research whether you have been involved in conservation in the past or would like to start now. We monitor and survey Owls and their habitats to increase our knowledge of their populations, health, behaviour and locations. Our surveys cover all types of areas – Urban, Suburban, Village, Farmland, etc.We carry out surveys and install nest boxes. We carry out nest monitoring with the help of our wonderful volunteers.We arrange the ringing of chicks and maintain an ongoing record of populations and their dispersal.

We work with Landholders and other groups with habitat restoration, enlargement and the connection of larger areas of habitat through  network solutions.

Have You Spotted any Owls?

If so, we would love to hear about it for our research. Owls are an indicator and umbrella species and their presence and population size, is an indication of the health and balance of their ecosystem and its biodiversity.

We are in the process of putting together our new workshops and courses for 2021 onwards, however, the current measures in place are not making things easy for face to face events, so please bear with us for the timebeing.

In the meantime, whilst things are still “up in the air”, we are offering bespoke online sessions and talks and have already had great fun doing these.

These can be for schools, groups, families and because they are online and, we are happy to have a chat and put a session together specially to for you. With regard to our talks these start at £45 for 40 minutes and of course, our Owls come along as well.

Please drop Lu an email with your enquiry and we can start from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

British Owl Photography Workshop

Approx 4 hrs

These Owl Photography workshops will give you the opportunity not only to practice your skills but also leave with some very special photos of a number of British Owls. Set in a private garden where the environment is as natural as possible giving you some truly unique photographic opportunities with these amazing birds.

We have Barn, Tawny, Long-eared & Little Owls for you to photograph. You will also learn about each species and the work being done to help them in the wild.

These sessions are set in small groups of 8 so everyone has sufficient time with the birds. Steve will be there throughout to help you with settings and composition ensuring you get some stunning photos.

Available Dates
Mon 8th,  Sat 13th,  Mon 15th,  Sat 20th,  Mon 29th

Wed 1st,  Thur 2nd,  Fri 3rd