Summer Days Out – Waltham Place Gardens, Berkshire

Waltham Place Gardens

Waltham Place Gardens

Waltham Place, a 220 acre organic and biodynamic farm and garden which offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore a series of naturalistic gardens, surrounding countryside and learn about the importance of sustainability and biodiversity.

The philosophy at Waltham Place is based on a belief that the farm and surrounding gardens, woodlands, lake and fields should be managed in a holistic way where wildlife is valued and protected. Visitors are encouraged to understand the links between plants and animals and the health of this vibrant landscape.

Ornamental Gardens

The gardens at Waltham Place offer the visitor a unique vision of a garden steeped in history yet redesigned by Strilli Oppenheimer with the future in mind.

The Potager

Traditionally a Kitchen Garden, the Potager displays its heritage in the espaliered pear trees on the south wall whilst red currants and morello cherries adorn the north wall.

The square Garden

This walled garden dates from the 17th century when it was originally used as a vegetable garden. Redesigned by Carlota Oppenheimer in the early 20th Century, the garden became an ornamental garden in the Italian style.

Friar’s Walk

This long narrow walled garden is a play on light. Whether direct, reflected or refracted there is a jewel to be found at any time of day and throughout every season.

Butterfly Garden

The last garden to be designed by Henk Gerritsen, this imaginative garden is planted with medium height, small – leaved, small-flowered plants, creating an ethereal delicacy synonymous with the butterfly.

Herb Garden

This small, paved herb garden benefits from the backdrop of a mature Banksian rose, Rosa banksia var. banksia ‘lutea’, and a wealth of ivy on the water tower behind.

Japanese garden

The Japanese Garden offers a lesson in simplicity. A small triangular garden, overshadowed by yew, this is a garden easily overlooked, yet with much to enjoy.

Long Borders

One of the defining features of the gardens here at Waltham Place, the Long Borders were initially commissioned by Carlota Oppenheimer, bringing a dramatically different view to the terrace and east windows of the house.

Winter garden

The Winter Garden is a small woodland garden at the foot of the Long Borders. Sitting just off the woodland edge and overlooking the fields, this a garden at one with nature.

New Garden

The New Garden lies between the Winter Garden and wilderness of the meadows and woodland.

The Grass Maze

Sitting within the bulb meadow, in sight of the main house, the Grass Maze offers a light-hearted adventure to children and adults alike.

Park and Woodland

The main lawn sweeps out from the house in a mown arc; springy underfoot, this is waxcap grassland, a rare habitat where the presence of mosses encourage the growth of a multitude of tiny waxcap fungus species.

Tours are available around the gardens and need to be booked in advance.

The Farm

They view the farm as a whole interconnected organism. The cows provide manure, whilst the gardens provide compost, to feed the soils and boost fertility.

Their livestock are all traditional or rare breeds. The Waltham Place Kitchen Garden sits to the south of the walled gardens. Extending to almost an acre, this dynamic garden produces an array of fresh produce throughout the season, yielding a diverse selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs. The orchards at Waltham Place are situated to the south /south east of the Kitchen Garden and comprise around 105 fruit trees of which the majority are apples. The estate has a rich history of food production centered around the Kitchen Garden and orchards which supply the ingredients for the jams and chutneys available from our shop. The honeybees at Waltham Place have been a permanent fixture for many years, housed in conventional white wooden, WBC beehives in the apiary.

Conservation has an important role to play here at Waltham. They have a healthy respect for all our wildlife from the tiniest soil invertebrates right up to the largest of our land mammals.

With walks, courses and special interest events running throughout the year there are plenty of opportunities  here at Waltham Place. Whether you wish to take a walk around the gardens, experience the seasonal highlights, learn about the wildlife or master a new skill, they will be happy to welcome you.

‘Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere’ Chinese proverb’

There are special interest days available such as a bat Walk and Talk, Minibeast Safari, Hedge Laying and Seed Saving.

The Cafe – Open Fridays

A unique experience, with a fresh menu each week.
The tearoom at Waltham Place offers a unique experience, with a fresh menu each week to highlight their home produced, biodynamic and organic produce. As a biodynamic and organic farm, the provenance of their food is key to all that they do. Their fruits and vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers, receiving a detailed level of care and attention to their growth from the soil up, in the form of composts, mulches and biodynamic preparations. Their livestock are free ranging, biodynamic and organic, enjoying as natural a life as possible. Our Jersey cattle are 100% grass fed, whilst our Tamworth pigs enjoy a natural diet as they dig and forage out in the fields, supplemented by sprouted grains, apples and other fresh farm produce. Whether you opt for the vegetarian main meal or the meat option, you are guaranteed a meal that showcases our delicious seasonal vegetables and meat from the estate, cooked with care.