Saddleback Farm Shop

Saddlebacks Farm Shop

Since opening in 2012 Saddleback Farm Shop has worked its way into the heart of the local community and beyond and has been fundamental in changing the narrative about how food gets to the consumer.

Now working in partnership with Honesty the farm shop is keen to build on its reputation for offering good quality, locally produced food, championing small independent producers and really putting its customers back in touch with where food comes from and how it is produced. “For too long food has been produced and supplied with little or no thought given to the impact that such production has on the environment. This method of food supply is no longer viable in the long term.” says Honesty founder and owner Romilla Arber. “Our relationship with food has to alter and Saddleback Farm Shop exemplifies the change in emphasis that is required if farming in Britain has a sustainable future.” 

Honesty is an independent food business that cares about where food comes from and how it is produced. Saddlebacks farm shop sells local produce and rural lifestyle products, has a butchers, a cafe and a bakery.

It also has an outdoor seating area and children’s play area.

Saddlebacks Farm Shop