Questions and Answers from Margaret Finch


What plants would you advise for butterflies and bees and plants for helping with the insects? Especially for pots or borders. Thanks Kelly

Plants for the 3Bs

It’s brilliant and very important to grow plants for wild life.
Bees love blue flowers and particularly plants with lots of close flowers so they don’t have to work so hard collecting pollen
Single flat flowers are best for easy access.

Blue Lavender larkspur hardy Geraniums salvias are black and blue.
Also flowers with landing pads such as Antirrhinum 

Butterflies love flat and single large flowers 

Cosmos and single dahlia 
Scabiosa and flat flowers of Achillea Autumn Asters and Verbena bonariensis

All so worth growing to encourage beautiful butterflies to your garden.

Birds will help with greenfly and other unwanted pests.
We can reward them with growing Sunflowers and leaving herbaceous seed heads
on plants in borders 
There is Larkspur phlogiston and I particularly leave the lavender stems for flocks of Gold Finches although it should be cut down after flowering 

Every bit helps to encourage more Bees, Butterflies and Birds to our Gardens giving us
so much enjoyment!